Vertebroplasty CD-ROM
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VERTEBROPLASTY CD-ROM, by Zoarski and Ortiz, is a state of the art electronic textbook containing the information and instructional tools that practitioners require.

Percutaneous Vertebroplasty is a new and highly effective procedure that immediately relieves the pain and disability associated with pathologic vertebral compression fractures.

The 16 highly illustrated chapters of Vertebroplasty CD-ROM include Power Point, Video, and 3D Animation with Voiceovers to demonstrate how the experts perform this procedure quickly, safely, and effectively.

Topics include history, patient selection, pre and post procedure care and evaluation, medical therapy for osteoporosis, biomechanics, cements and devices, how to perform vertebroplasty, tumors, height restoration, kyphoplasty, research results, complications, and how to build a practice.

PLUS, a second CD-ROM, "Vertebroplasty: Building a Practice," helps practitioners market their skills to referring physicians and potential patients. This CD includes a speaker-ready Powerpoint presentation that's ready to take to grand rounds.

Who can benefit from this CD? Radiologists, Orthopedists, Neurosurgeons, Anesthesiologists, Pain Management Physicians, Medical Students, Residents, Nurses and Technologists, and All Health Care Providers Who Are Interested in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Disorders of the Spine

Not a substitute for experience that can be obtained from attending a "hands-on" course.

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